Everyday, new businesses pop-up. If you are one of these new businesses, you may not realize the value of strategic marketing. You may think that strategic marketing isn’t an investment or that random promotions will keep you afloat. Well, sorry to tell you this, but you are wrong.

Even established businesses should avoiding resting on their laurels. With new and emerging startups and expanded digital marketing platforms, it’s easy to get pushed out of the race for attention, customers, and revenue.

How Can Strategic Marketing Help?

Competition is fierce. There are new businesses vying to take over your spot.  You may not have a large-size budget like Coca-Cola to keep you competitive. So what do you do? You need to think about the psychology of consumer behavior. You need to link this psychology into your strategy. There are many companies that started with a low-marketing budget, but they have become multi-million dollar companies.

When it comes to strategic marketing, we aren’t talking about fancy graphics. We are getting to the heart and soul of what drives people to stop what they are doing to pay attention to your brand. Everyone loves value. You need to give customers that a-ha moment! If you can give multiple a-ha moments, then this is much better!

Waiting for Word-of-Mouth?

First off, word-of-mouth doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen with just one tweet or one Facebook posting. You still need to invest in providing customer value. If you don’t provide value, people won’t advocate for you. Once you establish customer value, integrate this value into your strategic marketing. Remember, word-of-mouth takes time and energy out of people. You need to provide some type of trade-off for people to promote your company. You can do this without having financial incentives such as coupons.

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