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If your business doesn’t stand for a social cause, you have already lost customers. At Acadian Avenue, we help your business evolve into a striking brand that customers prefer by becoming a social cause champion. Our process delivers a rebirth experience, where we bridge social responsibility with the arts to design social marketing strategies that deliver positive internal culture, community, business impacts. Our firm is led by an award-winning, Ph.D. expert who provides branding and strategy direction and execution.

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Dr. Theresa Billiot Marketing Firm

Dr. Theresa Billiot, President

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Social responsibility humanizes brands by giving it a heart beat. Through this design, businesses create deeper connections with customers, resulting in repeat purchases, increased engagement, and positive word-of-mouth.


We integrate the power of the arts with creative design and powerful storytelling to communicate your business effectively. Our process develops strong bonds with your employees, customers, and communities, while driving them to make a positive change.


Our social marketing strategies combine social responsibility with the arts to develop a creative and competitive edge. We advance talent, imagination, problem-solving, engagement, and productivity that drives cultural, educational, and economic benefits. We transform and sustain a culture of motivated employees and brand advocators.

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Dr. Theresa Billiot

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“Social responsibility takes on many roles. However, the most important role is delivering positive cultural and community impacts. When we bridge social responsibility with the arts, we design solid marketing strategies with a strong foundation to achieve long-term survival.

At Acadian Avenue, we help your business reap many benefits by activating intuition, engaging customers and communities, cultivating empathy, and transforming creativity into powerful results.

We create this process so it can be channeled to develop innovative solutions to improve your business activities.”

Dr. Theresa Billiot
Founder and President, Acadian Avenue

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